Ordering Information

I would love to create something for you and your family.  It truly makes an instant heirloom that provides the family with a visual and physical link to their ancestors.


The base price of a family tree is estimated by number of people and generations to be represented within the artwork. To provide accurate cost estimates, an exact count of all people (ancestors and/or descendents) is required. Also affecting price are family member personalizations, architectural renderings, and any other customized features. In general, the following price guidelines are followed:

$350.00 base price for family tree with up to 20 members, one architectural rendering, and up to 20 personalizations.

$10.00 per additional family members over 20

$50.00 per additional architectural rendering or landscape

During the initial interview meeting, a price quote will be discussed with the customer. If the customer chooses to move forward, terms and conditions of purchase must be completed, signed, and deposit received from the customer.  All payments must be in cash or personal check only (payable to Chris Perisich).

Framing is not included in quoted prices. Customer is responsible for all costs of all materials required for packaging, delivery, shipping and shipping insurance costs (this cost can be significant, as replacement value shipping insurance is recommended).

A minimum 50%, non-refundable deposit is required for any project priced equal to or greater than $400.00 to start, with the final payment (50%) due before artwork is picked up or shipped. Smaller projects (less than $400.00) are payable up front (100%) with the signed terms and conditions.  In case of project termination by client before commission completion, the above paid installments are considered compensation to artist for work completed and will not be refunded. Ownership of all artwork will remain with the artist.


It is very important that instructions for any commission are clear and detailed before any project is started.   Because of the nature of the watercolor and permanent ink medium, revisions CANNOT be made once the painting process has begun.  I will not even consider starting work on your piece until you have sent me every piece of information required to complete the work.


The intricate details of this type of commissioned artwork requires hours of work. Such artwork can not be compared to the speed of printed matter. Projects are done on a “first come-first serve” basis. I try to work with clients to meet individual deadlines, however depending on workload and scope of artwork there can be slows downs or delays. It is strongly recommended that projects are planned and initiated with the artist WELL (months and months) in advance of deadline dates.  I will not even consider starting work on your piece until you have sent me every piece of information required to complete the work.  After I receive this, please allow me 8-10 weeks for delivery.


The sale, commission and ownership of original artwork does not automatically transfer the rights of copyright to a buyer. (Artist generally retains overall copyright.)  I do grant the art buyer the following limited, exclusive (non commercial) reproduction rights for personal family tree artwork:  (1)  Ownership of physical artwork,  (2) Exclusive (non commercial) reproduction rights, such as copies or prints for related family members and relatives, (3) Buyer agrees to give appropriate credit to the artist in all reproductions,  (4) All other licenses and rights not specifically granted herein, remain with the artist, including photographic reproduction of artwork for advertising purposes.


This website displays artwork that is very representative of what I create.  If you do not feel your commission is comparable to these examples, a full refund will be made after the commission has been reviewed.  Full copyright of returned art remains with me.


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