Trees for Everyone!

Family trees are not just for “families.”  Teams, businesses, classes, and clubs can all be a variation of a family.  Here’s a family tree created for the Read & Feed Book club.


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Scroll down to see gallery of different sizes and price points.  Click on a picture to get a closer look.  Enjoy!

37" wide by 23" tall

Above:  Large anniversary commission, 37 inches wide by 23 inches tall, $830.00 US.


Above:  Medium wedding commission, 22 inches wide by 16 inches tall, $500.00 US.

Fringer, 20x26

Above:  Small sized commission, 26 inches wide by 20 inches tall, $350.00 US.


Above:  Extra Large commission, 40 inches wide by 26 inches tall, $1,230.00 US.

Kaufman 15x20

Above:  Small birthday commission, 15 inches wide by 20 inches tall, $380.00 US.

Fenner, 27x40

Above:  Extra large anniversary commission, 40 inches wide by 27 inches tall, $990.00 US (unframed).